Autumn Shadow Flower Series Stamps

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  • "Autumn Shadow Flower Series Stamps" are designed by designer Jingzi.
  • You can decorate your diary or any paper with it.
  • Material:wood, polymer resin
  • Notice
  • There are scabs and splicing in solid wood.
  • The wood blocks were polished manually by workers without machine. Therefore, the corners will be a little inclined. These are normal. 
  • The printing pad is made of polymer resin. The color is pink or yellow. Some cushions will be yellow and pink,which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use effect.
  • Try to keep away from light.
  • This material will show the details of the pattern in high definition. Cleaning is also very convenient. Just wipe it with clean water after use.
  • During transportation, the polymer resin of stamps may change color, but it does not affect the use effect.
  • Size:
  • Yulan  10*4cm
    Yumeiren  5*5cm
    Yueyingchenhua  8*5cm
    Huaying  7*2.5cm
    Luohua  6*4.5cm
    Sijizu  2.5*3.5cm(4pcs)
    Shuanghua  2.5*3.5cm
    Luoye  2.5*3.5cm
    Canye  2.5*3.5cm
    Journal-with-me  4*2cm