PEAPOO Grey Dreamer Ornaments

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  • Name: PEAPOO Grey Dreamer?Ornaments?Designed By?Gnocchiii
  • The Grey Dreamer is a baby who purifies emotions, builds colorful dreams, and brings happiness. All the gray mood will be absorbed through the tentacles on its head, filtered in the transparent clouds, forming small dreamy colorful sequins, and finally emitted from the base the bubbles and love wrapped in the happiness factor.
  • Do not deliberately hide your emotions in front of it, it will accept and digest all the unpleasantness. Let it accompany you and have a good dream.
  • Material: Resin
  • Size: 13cm
  • Accessories: base, shell (magnetic)
  • Gifts: necklace, postcard, identity card
  • Note: Due to the particularity of the product, returns and exchanges are not accepted.